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"White Lotus is an enchanting oil painting that forms part of a series inspired by the tranquil lotus fields of Thailand. The central motif is a beautifully detailed, luminous white lotus, its vivid bloom contrasting with the muted backdrop of serene greens and blues. Intriguingly, parts of the artwork are filled with threads, adding an unexpected texture and depth to the piece. This tactile element enriches the overall composition, interweaving a raw, captivating charm. Encased in a teak wooden frame, the painting channels an authentic, earthy warmth. The rich hues of the teak frame enhance the lush colors within, emphasizing the natural elegance of the Thai landscapes. White Lotus, through its innovative combination of oil paint and threadwork, is a homage to both traditional artistry and nature's undisturbed beauty."


Mixed media (oil/textile/canvas)
Teak frame

White Lotus

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